Greenwood Convent School


(Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Aff. No. 530554)
(Run by Pramodya Welfare Society Regd. Palwal)
62, K.M. Stone, Mathura Road Near Village Rehrana, Palwal-121102

Message From The Chairperson

School were once described as the future within four walls. That being true, we have the responsibility to make the most exiting , creative and secure places we can.

As a parent as well as the chairperson, I known that children are our precious gift and they are the future too.

All ones therefore is committed to provide an outstanding start for your child education. Our mission is to serve to humanity at largest ensuring to nurture the future for every family we serve.

I believe that when you read prospects, You will be impressed by our desire nurture, to care for, Encourage and support for your children.I hope, however, you will also be Struck by our own determination to developed their gift to help them achieve their full potential. We aim to provide hostalic learning experience by encouraging individuality and interacting with our community.Please enjoy learning more about school through this prospectus.

I hope you will give our school the opportunity to prepare You are a child for a happy and Successful future.


Message From The Director's

We are delighted to open the door to your education by introducing our educational institution, Greenwood Convent School.
Forever at your service.
We believe that humans are God’s highest and ultimate creation. Therefore, it is our main goal to develop human personality through humanities education.
Our goal is to enrich our students with the spiritual ideals of humanity: the ideals of beauty, goodness and truth.
We focus on transforming children into true human beings by educating them to reveal the divine attributes bestowed upon them.
The school aims to preserve its history, maintain continuity, secure its achievements, and strengthen the spiritual power of its people in order to secure its future. To achieve all these goals, our institution is committed to teaching the magnificent expressions of the human spirit: literature, art, music, and manual skills of various kinds. The agency formulated its strategy.
The Quality Education for All Policy recognizes the hard work of our stakeholders, along with the tireless efforts of our honored principals, teachers and other staff of the institution.
Finally, we welcome you and look forward to your active cooperation on our eternal journey to excellence and success.

Managing Director

Message From The Principal

“Education is shared a commitment between Dedicated teachers,
motivated students And enthusiastic parents With high expectations”.

Today the role of a school is not only To pursue academic excellence but also to motivate empower It’s student to be life long learners, Critical learners & Productive members of an ever changing global society.This can only be possible in holistic student Central environment. At  Green Wood Convent School, we, as  a team, are working hard to make the best possible efforts to insulate strong values combining with academic and extra curricular activities in the children.
I am confident enough that my team members make students stronger day by day, adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.