Greenwood Convent School


(Senior Secondary School Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Aff. No. 530554)
(Run by Pramodya Welfare Society Regd. Palwal)
62, K.M. Stone, Mathura Road Near Village Rehrana, Palwal-121102


Duties of a Student

  1. Students bring a daily journal to school with their photo affixed and identity information signed by a parent.
  2. Mobile phones and similar electronic devices (such as tabs) are not permitted in school under any circumstances. 
  3. Library books should be returned regularly in a timely manner. 
  4. Students may not come to school on self-propelled scooters, motorcycles or cars. 
  5. The key ingredients for success in life are regularity and punctuality. Avoid skipping school. Tasks assigned to students must be completed on time.
  6. Students must apply for and receive approval for leave prior to absence from school. All leave requests must be signed by the father or legal guardian.
  7. The penalty for absence without leave request is Rs. 50/- per day. The student’s name is removed from the textbook when she is absent for seven consecutive days without vacation. 
  8. Children who are late for school must bring written notice from their parents.  
  9. Please keep the classroom clean and throw papers, packages, etc. into the bin. Keep the campus tidy and clean.
  10. Please do not shout or play games in the hallway or classroom.
  11. Do not write on any wall in school. 
  12. Say “Thank You” when you receive something. 
  13. Protect school property and the personal property of others. 
  14. Always stand when a teacher, principal, or visitor enters the classroom. 
  15. Gold jewellery, jewellery, watches and valuables are not to be brought to school under any circumstances. The school is not responsible for the loss of such items. 
  16. Students must have their shoes shined, their hair neatly combed, and dressed neatly. You must wear your school uniform and attend all school functions and exams every day. 
  17. Do not eat street vendor ice cream, other produce, or food.